How To Download PUBG Mobile Vietnamese Version | Free Download

India banned more than 118 mobile Chinese apps as they pose a threat to a country’s sovereignty and integrity. Tencent’s two of most popular games -PUBG Mobile and PUBGM Lite have been banned in India due to tension between India and China.

The news of PUBG Mobile ban in India took the Internet by storm. It became the hottest trend on the social platform in no time. Recently, PUBG mobile servers in India were also shutdown putting a complete halt to PUBG mobile in the country.

The news stunned many and players are searching through various alternatives like PUBG Mobile. But alternatives don’t meet the high expectation that players have because of PUBG Mobile. If you want to still play PUBG Mobile in India without any limitation –PUBG Mobile Vietnamese Version is a chance to still enjoy the game legally in India.

How To Download PUBG Mobile Vietnamese Version

PUBG Mobile Vietnamese Version is similar to that of PUBG Mobile global version. However, it has no link to China. The game is published by the South Korea-based PUBG Corporation. Tencent has no involvement in PUBG Mobile Vietnamese Version.

1) Visit this link to Download the Tap-Tap Application on your device.

2) Install Tap-Tap.

3) When Installed, Run the Application on your device -> Search PUBG Mobile VN and Tap on Install.

4) Once Done you can find the PUBG Mobile KR app on your home screen- Run and Enjoy the game.

The game is completely free to Install and has no limitation in India like PUBG Mobile. You can download the game and enjoy it without any worry.

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