How To find Impostor in Among Us? Tips & Tricks

Among Us requires a good strategy and tactics to play as an impostor, kill and getaway. Crewmates can also use a few techniques, strategy to play around impostor and catch them.

Among Us developed by Innersloth studios in 2018 has become the phenomenon now. Among Us dominated every popular title on PC and Mobile, rose to a great height with a significant rise in the number of downloads which crossed over 100 Million. Among Us is a simple and deceptive multiplayer game with an amazing concept. 

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Both impostors and crewmates are a difficult subject in Among Us, and each needs a strategy to win. Playing as a crewmate, you need a counter-strategy to beat the impostor. Here, we’ve mentioned a few tricks to catch an impostor in Among Us.

How To find Impostors

In Among Us, it’s not an easy task to find an impostor. You have to keep a couple of things in mind, have a specific level of trust and proper investigating on someone suspicious.

Of course, you will never be certain about all the accusations you crewmates says, but that is the only way through it, trust and depend on your investigation to catch an Impostor in-game.


Coordination can turn out as most significant technique to find out the impostors. It can either be easier or will be difficult depending on your team. Coordination make it simpler to find the killer among crewmates.

This tip can be helpful to keep an eye on your teammates while completing their tasks simultaneously. Doesn’t matter if you are parting ways or scouting watch out on each other and keep tracks of mates. 

Also, when it comes to Among Us, there’s always uncertainty and impostors will take an advantage of it, you have to be confident and awake during the game to go through it.

Keep an eye

Always keep an eye on your crewmates, medway scan, asteroids and sabotage areas on maps. Impostors will always worry about achieving his objective, and that’s when mindgame comes in. Check who’s playing out of character, exceptionally silent in meeting, be confident and call them out.

Take risks

Last but not least, take risks, you will have to take risks while finding an impostor. Voting out your teammates, sticking around suspects and sacrificing yourself. If risks are taken carefully, you can conclude and figure out the impostors.

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