How to Fix Ping Issues in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India dominated the mobile gaming scene in the country after its return. The game created several records surpassing over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store in one month of its release. This Indian-specific battle royale version has millions of active player base grinding on the battle ground for chicken dinner.

BGMI offers great graphics smooth gameplay and incredible Battle Royale experience on two mobile devices. As it is an online Battle Royale game one needs a good ping to experience smooth gameplay.

Ping is one of the major factors responsible for smooth gameplay experience. It plays a significant role especially in shooter games like battlegrounds mobile India. Slow ping results in terrible gameplay experiences for players.

Ping problems are annoying, frustrating and drastically affect your performance in-game. High ping issues can make your game lag and limit your movements giving enemies enough time to shoot you down. A good ping is quite crucial in winning the game.

In this article we listed some methods to Fix Ping Issues in BGMI.

How to fix Ping problems BGMI

Check Internet speed

Internet speed is mostly the primary reason for high ping issues. A proper Internet connection is a must for a low ping. You need a quality connection for uninterrupted connection which indirectly delivers great gameplay experience.

Check your Internet connection and speed with the help of websites like Speedtest and Google speed test. Change your ISP, if you face slow internet connection constantly.

Close Background Applications

Sometimes other Data consuming apps sucks the bandwidth thereby restricting the game to use the require connection. make sure to turn off all the apps before playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Check your Wifi-router

If the above solution doesn’t work, Upgrade Wifi router to 5 GHz. It is much better than usual 2.5GHz and might be the reason for your high ping issue. Try upgrading your router-this may fix your high ping issue.

There are also third-party apps available on the store that promises to deliver lower ping. Mobile Gaming Ping or LSpeed are the apps used to reduce ping.

However, you shouldn’t completely depend on these apps as there isn’t any much difference.

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