How To Get Diamonds In Free Fire For Cheap Price

Over the year, Free Fire has become one of the most popular BR games. Similar to all other mobile BR games, it also features exclusive items, which can only be earned using diamonds in Free Fire. 

Diamonds in free fire is indeed expensive. And, players often spend a lot of money to get an extensive collection of skins, outfits, pets and items.

Diamonds in Free Fire

Diamonds in Free Fire are a premium in-game currency that allows us to buy a variety of items. These items include cosmetics, skins, characters, pets, and more. Players can easily pick up items exclusive to Free Fire with Diamonds. The Elite Pass can also be obtained with Free Fire Diamonds.

What if there’s an easy efficient way to procure diamonds in Free Fire? The game will be more fun with that one skin you badly wanted, isn’t it? Here’s how can get Diamond for Free and Cheap in Free Fire.

Get Diamonds for a Cheap price

One of the best ways to get relatively cheap diamonds in free fire, is through participating in special events like Less is More or 100% Top Up Bonus. This allows you to obtain diamonds for a lesser price.

In addition to it, there’s another method that can help you obtain diamonds for a cheaper price in Free Fire. It is through Membership. Check below the price and perks of Membership in free fire.

Weekly Membership @159rs

The weekly membership package consists of

  • 450 diamonds in total (100 immediately and 50 per day for the next 7 days): the cost of each diamond is INR 0.353. 
  • The price of other rewards is 425 diamonds, you can also get an EP badge.

Monthly Membership @799rs

The monthly membership package consists of

  • 2600 diamonds in total (500 instantly and 70 for the next 30 days): the effective cost for each diamond is INR 0.307.
  • The price of other rewards cost 3550 diamonds, you can also get 60 EP badges and a gun skin for 1 entire month or the period of membership.

However, if you both active memberships in your account, you will be eligible to obtain a bonus of 15 diamonds daily in membership duration. These membership are considered to be cost effective than the popular 100% diamond top-ups. The only down side is that you will need tow wait for 30 days to collect all the diamonds.

Get Diamonds For Free

Getting Free Fire diamonds without spending a dime requires some effort and time as well. There are three ways through which you can get diamonds in Free Fire for free. You can answer surveys on Google Opinion Rewards, playing in custom rooms and giveaways or use GPT applications and websites. Click on the link below to get a detailed view about the tricks. Tips to get diamonds in Free Fire for free.

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