PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks: How to get ‘Overachiever’ Title

Tencent’s Pubg Mobile is one of most playe Battle royale game across the globe. Pubg Mobile provide various titles in-game based on players skills and achievement. Overachiever is one of the highest title many players wishes to have.Other titles include Well-liked,#1/100 and others but, these can be easily achieved by anyone of us.

Overachiever required some time skill and patience if you need that tag. Yeah? Let us look at How We can get ‘Overachiever’ Title in Pubg Mobile.

The basic you need to have this title tag is to collect 2800 achievements points in Pubg mobile. It surely will take sometime to complete the required missions and challenges and earn those points.

What missions you have to complete? PUBG mobile has already assigned list of mission for achievements that needs to be done to get the title. You can check the list in the Mission tab of game located at bottom of the screen.


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CLICK on achievement to check your current points you have. You can also view the list of missions you have completed. The missions in-game have different categories with each having different values like Honor, Progress, Items , Social and General. In short you have to excel in kt all completing challenges and missions to get close to the Title.

Each missions have a huge milestones to be completed like Assault Mastery, Sniper Mastery that requires you to kill a certain amount of enemies with each rifles respectively.

Check the points you have verify and complete it to achieve ponits as well as rewards including gun skins, outfits and coupons.

Keep track of mission everh mission will rewards you something. Complete those missions and keep collecting rewards to get the ‘Overachiever’

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