How To GET Permanent SKIN & Outfits In PUBG Mobile

PUBG is in mainstream gaming in PC version as well as Mobile version. There is a great hype of this Battle Royal Game comparing to other games present. Seeing towards the PC version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND’S  it just cost around INR 1200 . Best buy Link.   And people are ready to pay that amount for this awesome game out there.

How To Get Free Skins in Pubg Mobile

Recently some content creators found out that by usage of VPN you can get free stuff in pubg mobile. So in those free stuff it can be anything from skins to coupon crates. So similarly you can use this trick being explained right now to get free skins in pubg mobile.

All you have to do is Follow the VPN provided below according to the device you use.And then Follow the steps provided in the video below.


Download MELON VPN – IOS

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