How To Get Valorant Beta Key Drop Twitch Tricks

Valorant is one of most anticipated multiplayer 5v5 first-person shooting video game by Riot. The title is under discussion a lot since the closed-beta launched on 7th April 2020. Valorant has already shook the world with its arrival of closed-beta.

Valorant’s popularity dominated the gaming world has crossed expectations and peoples are dying to play it out there ASAP! Many Gamers have decided to shift from primary games to Valorant when the title will officially be out.

There are many who still didn’t have access to Beta Key which is in outrageous demand right now. Twitch suggests watching streams will potentially increase your chances for Valorant Beta Key Drop.


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Let’s have a look at How you can get your Valorant Beta key drop from Twitch Stream

Before we begin Note:- There’s no guaranteed way to get beta key access but following the below steps may exponentially increase your chances to get Valorant Beta access ASAP

  1. Visit Twitch and create twitch account (Sign up) or Login if you already have one.
  2. Go to Riot website
  3. Create a Riot acc if you don’t have one, you can sign in if you have already created it

We’re done with the first part here. Now, the next most significant step is to Link your Riot acc to Twitch .

Once done click on ‘Watch Valorant Live stream’. You don’t have to watch the streams of any specific streamer you can watch anyone’s stream you wish to.

Make sure you have Drops Enabled at the bottom of the screen. Watching the live stream eventually will increasing the chances of getting Beta Key. Okay, there are not any hack or tricks that can get you the Beta key easily but I advise you to follow these steps. This may improve your chances of getting Beta key.

  1. Watch stream as long as you want but I would recommend to watch minimum for 2 hours. Yeah, you can do that at least during the lockdown. I mean it’s worth it for Beta Key or just leave you stream on Mute if you wish to.

Once you started watching stream you’re already in a pool of guys waiting for Beta drop key. If you have completed at least 2 hours of stream it will potentially increase your chances of winning Beta drop key. The longer you watch the higher your chance will be. That doesn’t mean you have to stick on your chair for 24 hours watching them as Twitch updated its guidelines to avoid 24/7 for people who are hunting for keys. I think maximum 4 hours is enough and rest depends on you.

Riot is constantly and randomly dropping beta keys in a pool whether you’re online or offline doesn’t matter. Once you’re in a pool you under race for Valorant Beta Key. IF you’re Lucky enough you may wake up with a Beta drop in your Notifications. Good Luck to you Guys. Go Give it a try, I mean it’s worth for Valorant Beta Key.

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