How To Kill Wither in Minecraft

Minecraft is the most popular open-world exploration game, where you have to create, build and kill to survive. Moreover, the game consists of some strong monsters that are not easy to deal with. Wither is among the most powerful enemy in Minecraft after the dragon.

The Wither is a floating undead boss mob capable of destruction. They can shoot a large number of unique items like exp points and ingredients that can be used to craft a beacon (Nether Star). Wither hurl explosive skulls at enemies and kills everything it comes into contact with.

You can only summon Wither after defeating the dragon in Minecraft. Let’s have a look at How You Can Kill Wither in Minecraft.

How To Kill Wither


Before you kill a Wither in Minecraft, first you have to summon them. For that, you need three Wither Skulls which you can easily obtain by farming Wither Skeletons. You can also lead a charged creeper through a portal that guarantees a skull drop from Wither Skeletons after the explosion.

Now, to summon it, build a T block using Soul Sand or Soil and place the three skulls on top. Summoning will cause a huge explosion clearing out everything in the surrounding.


Before you go and fight Wither. You need to be fully prepared to go against the 2nd strongest enemy in Minecraft. Make sure you have full set of diamond/netherite armor and weapons, lots of healing, regeneration potions and food. And also the Milk to cure the Wither effect.

Build a Base

You need to prepare a base before summoning Wither. It is highly recommended to build a Base in an underground section in Overworld. In this manner, you can prevent Wither from flying and dodging your attacks. Also, use obsidian to build a Base so Wither’s normal attack can’t break it.

Kill Wither

There are several ways in which you can kill Wither.

1) One of the methods is to hit and run. Shoot arrows and keep healing until Wither’s health is below 50%. Take the cover of obsidian if needed. Then you can pull your sword out amplify the power using the strength II potion and finish it off. 

2) Another method is using snow golems. First, you have to create a room for about 30 golems. use them as a decoy to finish off Wither.

3) The Last one is to summon Wither in a tunnel, filling the tunnel with TNT blocks and blow them up to finish it. Or, summon the wither on one side then retreat into the tunnel while shooting at it. When the wither reaches the armour stage and stuck inside the tunnel, jump out and kill it.

Wither drops a unique ingredient drops a Nether Star which can be used to create a beacon.

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