How To Level-up Faster in Call of Duty: Mobile | Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile is the top Battle Royale game for mobile from the biggest shooting game franchise. COD mobile keep setting records since the launch. This battle royale game is the best option after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. A great amount of transition of players to COD Mobile has been seen since the ban of PUBG in India.

Like every battle royale game, COD mobile also have rank tier and level XP system. The game feature two modes Battle-royale and Multiplayer mode with a rank tier system divided into Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, and Legendary tiers and a maximum level XP of 150. 


If you recently shifted to Call of Duty Mobile to PUBG Mobile and looking to level up quickly in-game – Here are the best tips:

Train and Grind

Training is very essential to improve your in-game skills. In battle-royale games, you have to adapt and practise regularly to improve and hone your skills. The more your level rank rises, tougher the opponents you face. Practice and train your reflexes, recoil control parallelly also learning about the in-game mechanisms of COD mobile. 

Practise patiently in non-ranked matches. Better your skills, more the chances of victory which will raise your level quickly. Training and grinding make climbing up tiers quick and easier.

Loadouts and Layout Settings

Loadout and Layout setting in battle-royale titles like CoD Mobile is very essential. You have to learn about your gameplay style and set your layout accordingly which benefits your gameplay style and skills. The layout should be comfortable according to your needs, meaning you can hold your device easily and play the game without any interruption.

Loadout is another critical section in COD Mobile. Equip perfect suitable and lethal weapon attachments in your loadout. A proper loadout will secure maximum kill points indirectly increasing your XP levels in-game.

Play with teammates

To gain maximum XP and kills co-ordination is a very significant aspect in COD mobile. Play with your teammates to secure a better position in Battle-royale matches. So, play with teammates to level up quickly.

COD Mobile has various modes to play and enjoy. However, it is recommended to grind in Multiplayer modes because of short maps and less time consuming to climb up quickly.

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