How to Obtain Diamond Horse Armor In Minecraft

Horse armor is a unique armor that is worn by a horse. The diamond variety is the most powerful and also the most difficult to locate horse armor in Minecraft.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about horse armor and how to obtain it in Minecraft in this article.

Horse Armor

Horse Armor protects horses from melee and ranged attacks from other players and monsters. Donkeys, mules, and skeleton/zombie horses cannot carry this other creature because they are not equipped with armor.

The horse’s fall damage or movement speed is unaffected by wearing horse armour. Horse armour, unlike other types of armour, has no durability and can be worn indefinitely.

How to obtain Diamond Horse Armor

The player can only make leather horse armor, unlike regular armor. Horse armor of other varieties can only be looted from chests or built structures.

Chests in Dungeons, Desert Temples, End Cities, Forest Temples, Nether Forts, Strongholds, and Village Weaponsmiths spawn Diamond Horse Armor. The Nether Fortress, with an 11.8% probability of spawning, is the greatest area to look find diamond horse armour.

Locate Nether Fortress

If you create your Nether Gate near your spawn point in the Overworld, the portal on the other side will be near the centre of the world in the Nether. First explore the areas around it to try to find a Nether Fort: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. A stronghold will not spawn in an area that already has a stronghold. 

Obtaining Gold and Iron horse armor

These armors can be found in the same place as Armor Diamonds, however, Gold Armors also appear in Ruined Gate Chests. Since these armors are not as good as diamonds, they have a higher spawn rate. 

The best place to find Iron Horse armor is a dungeon, with a 22% chance of spawning in a chest. On the other hand, the player can find Gold Horse Armors in the Nether Fortress, the same place as the Diamond version. However, its spawn rate is much higher, at 29.1%

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