How To Pre-Register for FAU-G Android

“FAU-G” Fearless and United Guards is an upcoming Indian shooting battle royale game like PUBG Mobile. The game is said to be focused on the military aspects of Indi. And to educate players about the sacrifices of our soldiers and contribution of Indian Army to the country. 

FAU-G is highly anticipated by Indian fans since the announcement.

A few days after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar unveiled the new Indian Battle Royale Game ‘Fau-G’. (published by Bengaluru-based nCore games)

The game was expected to release anytime in November. Fans are still keeping tracks on FAU-G. And eagerly waiting for an official announcement.

download faug apk

Now the Pre-registration is available for Android Users on Google Play Store. No updates yet for the iOS users. But keep our Notifications ON We’ll update you ASAP.

Pre-Register FAU-G ANDROID

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