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PUBG New State is the latest improved PUBG mobile version by Krafton. New state follows the original gameplay style but consists of additional new features that make it a bit different from PUBG Mobile.

The much-awaited mobile game, PUBG New State has officially opened the pre-registration process in India. Indian players can pre-register for the game from today. This article focuses on How players in the Indian region can Pre-Register for PUBG New State on Android and iOS devices.

How to pre-register for PUBG New State


  • Open the Google Play Store Page of PUBG New State.
  • Press the “Pre-register” button. A dialog box will appear -click on the “Got it” to complete your preorder.
  • You can also select the “Install when available” button to automatically download the game whenever it is released.


  • First, open Apple App Store on your iOS devices.
  • Search for PUBG: New State or click here. Then select the correct one 
  • Press the “Pre-order” button to submit your registration. Apple App Store will notify you when the game’s ready for download.

PUBG New State was Initially released in other regions of the world like Vietnam, Mexico, Turkey, and MENA. The delay for the release of PUBG New State in India was to ensure that infrastructure could handle the surge of millions of mobile gamers in India.

Likewise, all the gamers pre-registering for PUBG New State will receive a Permanent Limited Vehicle Skin after the official release.

About PUBG New State 

PUBG New State is an upcoming newest battle-royale game by Krafton. It is very much similar to PUBG mobile with some additional exciting features. New State boasts some exceptional and incredible features set in a futuristic world. 

It is a high graphic mobile game powered by Gaming Illusion technology. The game has “Ultra-Realistic Graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming,” reads the game’s description on the Play Store.

Release date

Krafton hasn’t confirmed the official release date of PUBG New State yet. But, as per reports, the game is set for release in the second half of the year. Also considering the pre-registration phase, the game will be out until October or November 2021.

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