How to Push Rank in BGMI Tips & Tricks

Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers have only one goal, to climb the leaderboard. All players have their gameplay style and survival is essential to top the leaderboards. While many players prefer to get into fights early and some play it safe. This article focuses on How to Rank Push in BGMI.

Rank Pushing Tips

Choose the right map in BGMI. When it comes to pushing through the ranks, Erangel is our best friend. Rank Push in Erangel is the best way to reach your goal quickly. 

Since Erangel is one of the biggest maps in mobile PUBG, there are plenty of locations to drop and loot. You can land anywhere in this long map. Erangel gives you a lot of options in the game.

Do you know the hot spots of Erangel that players should avoid when pushing the ranks are Military base,Georgopol, Pochinki and Novo.

Avoid hot drops and land near the compact building or at drops with decent loots. Once you’ve finished your loot, find a vehicle to quickly travel from one point to another. Going barefoot can put you face-to-face with enemies, and you may soon find yourself in a crate. Vehicle is also useful in the final laps and open terrain.

Survive the first fifteen minutes and equip yourself with the right amount of loot. Find the perfect point in the circle. Predict the zone formation. Capture the top points in a location be it hills, mountains or buildings. Make sure you have good cover, have range to spot and kill enemies if they are detected.

Survival is paramount here. Kill points are not as important as survival points. But you need some kills in your pocket. Get a decent amount of kills until the end of the circle. Your main motivation should be to join the best players in the end-game.

Erangel gives you the great ability of longer duration and fewer squad encounters, which greatly increases your survivability.

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