How To Solve High Ping Issues in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the top Battle Royale game for mobile from the biggest shooting game franchise. COD mobile keep setting records since the launch. This battle royale game is the best option after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. A great amount of transition of players to COD Mobile has been seen since the ban of PUBG in India.


High Ping Issues are the most common problem faced by gamers during Gameplay. Ping plays a significant role, high ping can make your game freeze and lag. PING plays a significant role in online games especially shooter games like COD Mobile Lite. Ping drastically affect your performance in-game. High ping issues can make your game lag and limit your movements giving enemies enough time to shoot you down.

How to Solve Ping Issue in COD Mobile

A proper Internet connection is a must for a low ping. You need a quality connection for uninterrupted connection which indirectly delivers great gameplay experience. If you have a lower ping follow these steps below:

1)Turn off data consuming apps and “Auto-update” on your device.

2) Close background apps, Data consuming apps suck the bandwidth thereby restricting the game to use the require connection. 

3) Connect to the nearest server

4) Keep your phone lean and scan for virus and other malware.

There are also third-party apps available on the store that promises to deliver lower ping. Mobile Gaming Ping or LSpeed are the apps used to reduce ping. However, you shouldn’t completely depend on these apps as there isn’t any much difference.

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