How to Solve High Ping Issues – PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile is the most played game on Android and iOS devices in India. Over millions of player plays this game daily and High Ping Issues are the most common problem faced by gamers during Gameplay. Ping plays a significant role, high ping can make your game freeze and lag.

We have got simple hacks that may solve your High Ping issues. It’s worth trying. Let’s look at solutions to solve high ping issues in PUBG Mobile.

1) GFX Tool

You all guys must be familiar with GFX tool and few must be using it too. GFX tool is a very helpful tool that let you manages graphics, and frame rate of your game for smooth gameplay. GFX tool is like a cheat for PUBG Mobile to enjoy the game smoothly with no lag. Unnecessary visuals and textures can be removed from in-game to avoid the lag.

2) Game Tools or Boosters

Nowadays many devices already comes with a game boosters that basically shutdown the background activities of your devices during game. it also offers many features like turning off notification and enhance the game control. If you do not have one use google to find the compatible boosters for your devices.

3) Turn Off Auto-Sync

Every device does multitasking even when you’re playing a game .Turn off auto sync of your device which will indirectly free your ram for game. Turning off Auto-sync will even save your battery life avoiding lag.

4) Use the proper Server

Serve selection is the most important part .Use the proper server for better gaming experiences. Correct server will offer smooth gameplay. PUBG Mobile allows players to switch on various servers in-game so make sure you choose the correct one.

5) Use the Repair option

If all the above methods won’t work. Use the repair option in PUBG Mobile thats displays when you turn on the game. It may prove helpful. If not try reinstalling the gaming in your device which will also restore your game settings.

If you’ve any doubts Do let us know in the comment section.

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