How to Solve “Server is Unavailable” Error In Roblox

Obstacles are our best enemies when you enjoy or engage in something you love. The same could happen while you are playing your favourite Roblox Game. In many cases “Server is Unavailable” popup can be upsetting to many players. 

For an instance, players often encounter this error message when trying to log in or connect to their favourite Roblox game. So, what to do in such a situation?

The error can occur due to two reasons — either Roblox is dealing with the problem in its current state or the source of the issue is you. Luckily, you can overcome the “Server is Unavailable” error in Roblox following the below two methods.

1) Check server status

As soon as you encounter this error, the very first thing to do is check Roblox’s server status. Do not waste your time pinpointing out the problems. Check out the server status using two options a) Roblox’s own official server status page or b) DownDetector.

Roblox’s own official server status page not only provides services for individual tools like Studio, website, datastore, profile picture page, etc. But Also is an excellent tool to check the entire statues of Roblox.

Pic: Roblox status page

Suppose the game displays a “Server is Unavailable” error, immediately check if the page is running. If the system is active and functional it will display “Operational.”

If the tag reads Operational and you still experience the same issue. This is when Down Detector comes into play. Down Detector delivers full date reports even for games like Roblox. It will provide a complete map of current outages in your area. If it happens to be in a red bubble, means there’s a problem with Roblox and you will be informed when solved.

2) Check internet Connection

If the error still persists after performing the above solution, you have to check your internet connection. or, restart your internet in order to get back to playing Roblox. What you can do is, disconnect your modem for 60seconds and plug it back again and check your game.

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