How to Survive in Free Fire Latest Tips 2022

Free Fire is a fast-paced online multiplayer game with outstanding graphics and some stunning new battle royale features that has established a space for itself in the mobile gaming category. With little memory space on your devices, this BR game provides a great gaming experience. It also offers a lot of weapons, maps, and locations to battle and enjoy in-game. Do you want to have fun and make it to the last circle? Free Fire Tips & Tricks can be found by reading the post.

The fundamental goal of the Free Fire battle royale game is to make it to the conclusion alive. To accomplish so, you must be skilled and astute. Let’s take a look at some free fire survival tips and tricks.

Fast Landing

Quick Landing is a must-use method in every battle-royale games. Landing as soon as possible gives a major advantage to players. To land quick Turn on Auto Parachute in controls and equip falcon pet.

Proper loadout

Choosing a proper loadout significantly increases your chances of survival in the game. Fill all the skill slots with useful abilities and pets, also equip items like Airdrops, scan which is very useful during the match.

Free Fire  Tips & tricks 2021

Switch Weapons

Free Fire  Tips & tricks 2021

Weapons play a major role in the last circle. Throw off long-range weapons like sniper rifles, and get your hands on mid-range/close-range weapons. These weapons are the ones that comes handy in the last circle. Do not hesitate to fire first, if you spot an enemy. keep your eyes open.

Take Cover 

The good cover ensures our safety during combats. You have to be careful during fights and throughout the game to not encounter many players at once. Use gloo grenades and Decoy grenades to make cover. Gloo wall is a good defence. Use it quickly when you encounter enemies around you. Use of Gloo Walls buys you some time to prepare an attack.

Stay in Safezone

Free Fire  Tips & tricks 2021

Keep an eye on the mini-map and keep moving to save yourself from trap and enemies. Always decided quickly a safe place to go to and never let your guard down. Do not take the fight out of the zone. Secure safe position.


As we all know, Patience is the key in every BR game. Free Fire also follows the same principle. You should never reveal yourself in the last circle at first, when only few players are remaining.

These are the few must try tips to win Booyah easily in Free Fire.

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