How To Survive in Free Fire Tips & Tricks 2021

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that offers fast-paced gameplay, great graphics and some amazing new battle royale features. IT delivers an incredible gameplay experience with less memory space on your devices. The game also has large weaponry, maps and locations in-game to battle and enjoy.

However, the main objective of the Free Fire battle royale game is to survive till the end. To do so, you have to be skilful and smart. Here are few tips to Survive in Free Fire.


Weapons play a major role in the last circle. Throw off long-range weapons like sniper rifles, and get your hands on mid-range/close-range weapons. These weapons are the ones that comes handy in the last circle. Do not hesitate to fire first, if you spot an enemy. keep your eyes open.


As we all know, Patience is the key in every BR game. Free Fire also follows the same principle. You should never reveal yourself in the last circle at first, when only few players are remaining.

Keep your mind calm and wait patiently for someone to make mistakes. Stay lowkey and get cover if possible. Also, if you find someone, who you can kill down take a shot first.

Use vehicles

Once you have completed your loot, find the vehicle for you to move quickly from one point to another. Walking barefoot can expose you to enemies and you may end up as a crate soon. On the other hands, cars also provide protection during combats.

green cosmetics

Gree cosmetics, because it is a good trick to fool or deceive your enemies. Wearing green cosmetics often turns out as a huge advantage in Free Fire. It will make it harder for enemies to spot your location and give you an upper hand.

End Zone

Do not take unnecessary fights, unprepared and such fight can get you killed in-game. So, Don’t engage in unnecessary fights. Get to the safe zone asap, take a cover and wait for your enemies to win the match. Find a good cover that gives you a great advantage over opponents. Camp patiently at the edge of zone to survive the lethal round in Free Fire. Goodluck!!

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