How To Transfer PUBG Mobile Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India

The most awaited mobile game in the country, Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access is live for Indian users. Fans flooded the Google Play Store on Beta Release after pre-registration. Not so long, when the final version of Battlegrounds Mobile India hits the Play Store for all users in the country. 

The question arises here is, if players can still use their old PUBG Mobile account for BMI? NO, players cannot use their old account. They have to create a new account and later transfer the PUBG Mobile data to BMI. Learn How you can transfer old data to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

What is the process and how you can do it? This article answers all of it. Read below:

Krafton officially revealed that Indian players can transfer data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, there’s a time limit for the migration of data. Users can only transfer their old account data to BMI until 31st December 2021.

Lately, fans have been puzzled if they can keep their old data. Mobile gamers do not have to worry about it. They won’t lose their progress in PUBG Mobile, and can successfully migrate all their data to the Indian version of the game.

PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile Data Transfer

There are few things you should note before you learn how to migrate your data.

1) Once data is transferred to BMI, you cannot retrieve it.

2) Data Migration might miss some of your PUBG Mobile mails and attachments in-game.

How To Migrate PUBG Mobile data

  • First login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google Play Games account, players should create their in-game character.
  • You will also have to confirm whether you reside in India.
  • You should give your consent when dialog box with the title “Account Data Transfer” appears.
  • To transfer data, select between Facebook or Twitter. Select the one that is linked to your PUBG Mobile ID.
  • Now click on the “Yes” button to make sure that you data is transferred successfully.

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