How to Unlock Crossbow in COD: Mobile

COD Mobile Season 7 recently introduced a brand new secondary weapon in-game. Fans are high on the latest weapon additions, as, the new secondary weapon was not expected just after the launch of one in Season 6. The game already has a huge fan base and consistent updates to maintain the level that got fans crazy now. 

COD Mobile players now have a new secondary weapon ‘Crossbow’ to use in multiplayer and Battle Royale matches. Crossbow is the newest COD Mobile weapon added as a part of Season 7 Elite of the Elite update.

Players have been anticipating Crossbow in Season 7 long ago after the leaks. It is originally a Call of Duty Black Ops weapon.

However, players need to Unlock Crossbow first. You have to complete a few COD: Mobile missions before you get your hands on this brand-new secondary weapon.

About Crossbow in COD: Mobile

Crossbow is an incredibly powerful yet very risky weapon in-game. It is exactly similar to a weapon of the Modern Warfare 2019 version. The pros and cons of the crossbow are – it posses the ability to kill enemies with a single shot in all ranges of combat, and if you miss your shot, you might die. 

Players can attach some toxic bolts such as Thermite bolts, Gas Grenade bolts, or Stick Grenade bolts. Crossbow is not an easy-to-use weapon, but it is fun.

To Unlock Crossbow in Call of Duty Mobile, you have to complete challenges in the game. This article tells How to unlock Crossbow in COD: Mobile.

How To Unlock Crossbow

To Unlock the crossbow go to the Seasonal Events section in COD: Mobile home page and open the “Target Practice” challenge. Here’re the challenges you have to complete in this entire season to unlock Crossbow in COD Mobile:

  • Use the Sparrow Operator skill 5 times in multiplayer matches.
  • Kill 5 enemies with the Sparrow Operator skill in multiplayer matches.
  • Earn the One Shot, One Kill medal 5 times in multiplayer matches.
  • Kill 15 enemies with pistols in any mode.
  • Kill 15 enemies with shotguns in any mode.
  • Kill 25 enemies with any Shotgun equipped with 5 attachments.
  • Win 5 multiplayer matches with the Toughness Perk equipped

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