How To Win Duo Mode in Free Fire | Tips & Tricks

Free Fire Duo Mode is the best mode to enjoy the intense battle in-game. Not only it provides you with a friend to assist but also doubles the fun with more combats, more teams and chances of more kills. Another major advantage of Duo mode is you cannot be killed instantly. Hence, Duo mode stands perfectly between solo and squad variant in Free Fire.

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If you have that one close friend who you can completely depend on during the game-You might dominate the duo mode in Free Fire. Here are few tips on How To Win Duo Mode in Free Fire.

How To Win Duo Mode in Free Fire


We all know, co-ordination is the best way to stay safe and survive successfully in an intense battle-royale survival game. It is a very significant aspect in the Free Fire Duo mode. Play with your teammates to secure a better position and stick together to cover each other’s back.

Equip proper loot

The best way to survive and defeat your enemies potentially is to equip yourself and teammate with proper loot. Get a decent set of gears and help your teammate to find one too. Communicate frequently, stay in vicinity of each other and keep updating your status to a friend.

Use Knocked player as a bait

The combats in Duo Mode are mostly a close one. Stick with your friend and keep an eye while trying to revive your teammate. Same, if an enemy is knocked down you can use him as a bait to lure out the other guy.

Skill to use

A very essential thing in Free Fire, know what skills to use and when. The very useful ability is the Chrono’s ability, you can use it to revive your teammate without worrying. Alok and K’s aura skills are also worth using during combat.

Pet and loadout items 

Free Fir have pets and the best one to use in Duo mode is a Falcon. The bonfire is also a good feature in Free Fire because of its regeneration aura.

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