Krafton Banned 59,247 BGMI Accounts For Cheating

One of the most popular mobile games, BGMI officials have released the latest anti-cheat notice. The new detection tool has helped the gaming company to permanently ban more than 59K accounts for using illegal programs.

Since the ban of PUBG Mobile in India back in September, Indian game enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for the Indian interaction of the game which will comply with the Government standards.

With the release of BGMI, Indian players were seen on cloud 9, however it seemed short lived as they started facing cheaters in the games. With the game being new, developers were facing difficulties in detecting the cheaters.

Hackers have always remained as the major problems in BR shooter games such as BGMI. In the last few weeks, BGMI saw a huge number of hackers in the lobby violating the gameplay guidelines.

This turned out to be one major concern of players turning away from BGMI.Although developers are trying hard, hackers keep finding new cracks. Krafton recently announced that they had banned more than 300k cheaters just a few weeks ago.

Cheaters use software to alter the game codes and modify it as per their needs. These hacks and cheats allow several unfair advantages to a person using it.

According to the gaming giant’s latest report, 59,247 BGMI accounts were banned for cheating between September 10 and September 16. Krafton has also encouraged players to report any suspected hacker through the in-game report mode or through social media.

This assures the enthusiasts that the developers fully understand the issue and realize the importance of a fair gaming environment. To tackle the cheating issue, they could  introduce stricter updates in the near future.

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