LEAKS: PUBG Mobile Season 13 Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 12 is about to end soon next month and Tencent’s all set with new Season 13 0.18.0 update. Season 13 is scheduled for launch on 13th May 2020 at 2.00 am and will end on 14th July 2020, according to leaks.

As usual, our well-known PUBG Mobile leaker Mr. Ghost Gaming unveiled the upcoming Season 13 game rewards and items. Season 13 is all ready to introduce us some brand new outfits, skins, guns and avatar, said Ghost gaming. Let’s have look at PUBG Mobile Season 13 Leaks:

PUBG Mobile Season 13 will be themed and titled as ‘Toy Playground’ featuring cartooonistic outfits and skins in the game. Yeah, but they really looks cool. Set of rewards consist of Vector skin polished in a Lego-style looks amazing and the same pattern followed for P92 pistol skin. Padded Leather set in-game is eye catchy have a special Ram skull mask. Every Season is incomplete without their dedicated airplane and parachute theme so, here we have a new season-themed airplane skin and parachute skin.


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Two major outfits of Season 13 in-game are Lava Superman or Flash Superman that will be unlock soon when you reach level 100 on Elite Pass. Apart from it, you also have special items, and rewards at each Royale Pass level. Royale Pass rewards consist of Lego-themed avatar frame, vehicle Toy skins, silver fragments, a room card, and UC. Lucky draw events can get you a Tribal-treasure crate having a unique headgear and a Tribal-themed outfit.

Like every new season we have special PUBG Mobile Season 13 Tier Rewards: Following the same pattern line Bronze and Silver tier has now rewards in Season 13. However, Gold V and Platinum V tier can get you a special outfit and a mask after completing the required missions. Diamond V has a brand new exclusive AUG skin whereas Ace tier rewards you with season-themed parachute skin.

That’s all for now are you excited for Season 13?

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