Mario Kart Tour Get New Multiplayer Updates

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour is a kart racing mobile game and a spin-off in the Mario Kart series released last year for Android and iOS devices. The game being released recently became the most downloaded free-to-play games on iOS devices in 2019 dominating other free games like Pubg mobile,Cod:Mobile and Fortnite on iOS devices .

A new come out recently that Nintendo released a new update 2.1.0 for Mario Kart Tour. This new update is available for both iOS and Android devices to download features new and more multiplayer in-game modes. Mario Kart received a previous Multiplayer first update on March 8.

The new 2.1.0 update is Live now on Mario Kart tour offers two new multiplayer modes – Team Race and Room Code.


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Team Race: as the name suggests it follows the mainline Mario Kart games that divide racers in to four teams. here you will work along with your teammates to score and add points to your pool. Points earned by your team will be added to pool. Work together and win together. Players will not be vulnerable to friendly fire which will make this mode more interesting to play.

Room Code: This room code is very much like custom rooms where you can invite up to eight players using your specific code. battle and race with them.

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour was launched back in September 2019 and has become one of most successful games on iOS and Android devices. Mario Kart Tour one of the popular title in series received its first Multiplayer update after the six months of game release in March.

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