Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series S – Smallest Xbox Ever

Microsoft Xbox Series X is the most anticipated next-gen console of 2020. While we all are excited about the upcoming next-gen console from two giants – Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft made a major announcement confirming ‘Xbox Series S’, this console is way smaller than Xbox Series X and is the ‘smallest Xbox ever.’ 

The leaks of Xbox Series S was already in the air and Microsoft finally unveiled it, confirming their second next-generation console. Xbox Series S is priced at $299 globally which is around 22K in India. However, no official release date has been disclosed yet. But, according to Microsoft’s UK, UK and French Twitter account subsequently confirmed launch date as 10th November. Fans are already hyped up now, we’re only a few months away to experience the next-gen gaming.

Xbox Series S specifications are yet to be revealed by Microsoft and definitely differ from its larger sibling. Series S is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X. The machine is said to only run digital downloads rather than discs.

It will have a less powerful graphics card and will handle gaming at a maximum resolution of 1440p with up to 120 FPS rates. Series S may have less internal storage for storing your games and limited lighting effects. 

Xbox gaming consoles are getting significantly better and Xbox Series S represents a great value for cutting-edge technology.

Microsoft hasn’t said a word about the release date and price of larger next-gen console Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5 will launch this Holiday 2020. Stay Tuned.

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