Microsoft Introduce New Xbox App To Stream Xbox Games on Your iPhone

New Xbox App will stream Xbox games on your iPhone.

Microsoft announced a new Xbox app update for iOS which includes game streaming to an iPhone. This new Xbox app contains a remote play feature that can stream Xbox Games directly to your iPhone from the console.

This new Xbox Remote play feature will connect to your Xbox console and stream Xbox Games on Your iPhone, unlike Microsoft’s xCloud service. Xbox Remote play feature is similar to that of Sony’s own PS4 Remote Play feature available on Android and iOS.

Moreover, you can access the Xbox box console via Wi-Fi or LTE or 5G connection. You can also start your Xbox outside your home, it goes back into standby after a brief period of inactivity.

New Xbox app includes the same new design and new features as that of a new Xbox android app. You can handle various features from you iPhone like share game clips, capture screenshots on Xbox Console/X/S.

Microsoft is all set with their new upcoming next-gen consoles box Series X and Series X scheduled for launch on November 10.

Microsoft Xbox app is being tested by TestFlight staff and soon will be available on App Store.

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