MINECRAFT: 4 Kinds of Chests

Chests are a necessary object in Minecraft since they are used to store stuff safely in one location. In Minecraft, storing surplus things becomes a requirement at some point, and the game features a variety of chests to suit a player’s demands.

Players may need to keep their stuff locked up and out of reach at times, while at other times portability is a concern. Whatever the requirement, there’s probably a chest for it, and knowing which chest fulfils which purpose is crucial. In this article, let’s learn about 4 different types of chests in Minecraft.


Standard storage chests can be made using wooden planks in Minecraft and come in single or double variations. Double chests are twice the size of single chests, but they store more things to compensate. These chests don’t have any special abilities; they’re only for storing items.

These chests, on the other hand, will spill their contents onto the ground if they are damaged by the player or external events such as explosions. These chests are more suitable for long-term storage and permanent residences than for transportation.

Trapped Chests

Trapped chests improve Minecraft’s security. The fact that these chests generate a Redstone signal is what sets them apart. A trapped chest may not appear to be much, but when used appropriately, it may be a fantastic security precaution.

The Redstone pulse may trigger items like arrow dispensers and even TNT bricks. Trapped chests can presumably be used to set off any form of trap that responds to Redstone signals.

Ender Chests

Because obsidian and eyes of ender are required, ender chests are more difficult to create, but they’re well worth the effort. Every ender chest belongs to the Minecraft player who built it, so it can’t be accessible by other players who might want to look inside or take what’s inside.

Additionally, once an object is placed in an ender chest, Minecraft players can recover it from any ender chest they make.

Shulker Boxes

Shulker boxes may not include the term “chest” in their name, but they are nonetheless chests in Minecraft. These boxes, which are made up of shulker shells and ordinary chests, might take a long time to obtain because shulker shells can only be found in the End dimension.

Players who build shulker boxes, on the other hand, will not be disappointed. Shulker boxes function similarly to ordinary chests for the most part, but they have one distinct advantage: they maintain their contents within when broken.

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