Minecraft APK Free Download – 0.14.0 Full Version

Mojang’s Minecraft is the most successful video game with millions of player base. The game is ranked among the top titles that have dominated the gaming platform. It’s been several years since the release and Minecraft still has a great influence in the gaming industry.

Mojang’s block building, open-world action-adventure game unexpectedly rose to heights and is one of the best-selling games of a decade. Minecraft is a challenging adventure game where players can create and destroy anything in the 3D world. You have the luxury to use your creativity to build up anything you want and destroy using tools in-game. 

Last few years saw incredible growth in the gaming industry. With major game companies porting their popular titles on Android and iOS devices – Mojang released a Minecraft: Pocket Edition for mobile gamers. The mobile version of the gamer offers some of the exciting Minecraft features in-game.

Minecraft 0.14.0 version

Minecraft 0.14.0 version released in 2016, delivering features like cauldrons, comparators, dropper, hoppers, and many more. 0.14.0 version though being the older now, but holds great elements to enjoy in Minecraft world. Since then, several Minecraft versions were released and updated. Minecraft 1.17 is the current live version on the pocket edition. Many new features added to the game and few old were removed. 

If you want to download Minecraft on Android, you have two ways either Install directly from Google play store or Download and APk from the web. However, Google Playstore installs the latest Minecraft update on your Android directly. Through APK you can install any version you want to. let’s have a look at How to Download Full APK Version Minecraft 0.14.0

How to Download Full APK Version Minecraft 0.14.0

Follow the steps below to Install Minecraft 0.14.0 on your Android device:

  • Download Minecraft 0.14.0 Full Version APK from below:

  • Open File Manager on your device and click on downloaded APK file to install it.
  • Ensure you have enabled “Installation from unknown source”. Go to the Settings / Apps / Menu / Special access / Install unknown apps to enable.
  • Once you installed the application, run it on your device and log in your existing account o enjoy the game.

The game requires at least 2GB RAM to run the game and 100MB free space on your device.

Do let us know if you like Minecraft 0.14.0 version.

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