Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.13.0 out now for Download

Foxes are finally here….

Mojang’s back with new version of game Minecraft 1.13.0 Bedrock edition released on 29th October and now available for android devices to play.Many features are introduced in this edition of game which were not in previous updates.

New blocks added in 1.13.0 such as Light blocks,flower i.e wither rose(evil roses) also features dead coral a variant of coral can be placed on top of blocks. Besides that new items,mobs,commands & character customization feature is also included in this version.

One of the most awaited thing is finally here foxes, absolutely amazing,adorable foxes they are spawned as red foxes in snowless taiga biomes and as snow foxes in snowy taiga biomes.Foxes sleep at day time and are mostly active at nights.They eat berries and pick your dropped items if you drop one,to get back you’ve to feed them.Foxes will defend us and can be bred with sweet berries.

Another added mob in bedrock edition are beautiful Brown mushrooms.It will not be spawned already for that we’ve to hit red mushrooms around by lighting.New item included are Suspicious stew, can be crafted with two mushrooms,bowl,milk and flower.Consuming this stew will create a random effect.

Next major update is chat customization i.e fonts and text are changeable now.Players can blink and are 1.8 blocks tall. Character customization option with 100s of free items that include mouth,face,color,hairstyle,body shape,skin tone etc.

Small changes seen in game is :

  • Path blocks is known as grass path in items menu.
  • Item frames can be placed anywhere and put things inside it.
  • Armor no longer turns red when player tales damage.
  • Lock maps now have an unique inventory icon.
  • Squid can now spawn in rivers
  • This edition has smoother animation with some bug fixes.
  • Villagers can heal if they have bread in their inventory.
  • Master level farmers can sell suspicious stew.

Do let me know what’s your favorite part of the update?

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