Minecraft: Download and Install new Texture Packs

If you’re bored with the regular Minecraft textures in game, you can install a new texture pack in your Minecraft probably with better darker resolution also colorful with reliastic views.

Steps to Download and Install Texture packs:

1 ) Make sure you have Java installed in your PC if not download from here.(It won’t take much time)

2) Once downloaded move on to next step i.e visit PlanetMinecraft to download packs.There you can find various texture packs available for Minecraft with lots of options.

Download one you needed

3) Select the texture packs you want to download (you may have to skip some add or get direct links to download the file ).Its completely free so you do not have to worry.

4) Downloaded file will be in .zip formats.Open the Minecraft Goto Menu -> Options -> Resource packs ->Open resource pack folder ->Transfer the .zip extension files in Minecraft’s resource folder and extract them there -> delete .zip files.

5) Once completed,run the game again Menu-> Options->Resource packs and now you can find the downloaded new texture pack inside resource pack select the one you need -> Click Done and enjoy the game.

Select your downloaded texture pack and click Done

Follow the above easy steps and you’re ready to play with some good resolution,Darker and good look.

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