Minecraft Dungeons :Trailer & Release Date

Mojang’s famous block building and adventure game Minecraft is ready with another installment in series Minecraft Dungeons.The release date and trailer of game has revealed now. Minecraft Dungeons is going to release around April 2020 on several platforms including PC and consoles.

The trailer has been launched in the event of Minicom 2019 that takes place annually for the celebration of Minecraft,trailer gives us some insights about Minecraft Dungeons.Check the trailer below:

Minecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure RPG by Mojang and Double Eleven.The game focuses mainly on exploration of dungeon may also include some monsters and puzzles.We can play as single player or in a team of 4 players. Multiplayer feature in game makes it more enjoyable.This game is bit different from other Minecraft games as players does not have ability to destroy or block.

The trailer follows a story of Illager who holds a mysterious object with extraordinary powers, and as the story progresses, he finds himself to be on the path of evil.The game is about exploration ,traps,monsters and puzzles.However, Minecraft has not declared the confirm date yet.

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