Minecraft Earth coming soon:Explore the world by AR.

Fans out there hold your horses for Minecraft: Earth

Mojang’s famous block building and adventure game Minecraft is ready with augmented reality spin-off called Minecraft: Earth. Publisher Microsoft reveal the news about its release in this month ,however its still not out there,it seems they’re taking their time before release.

The game has been in its beta testing phase on android as well as iOS. We’ll see its early access this month as informed. Early access launch will be available across countries once released.When the game enters early access later this month, anyone in the supported territories (which Microsoft has not yet confirmed) will be able to download and play it .

“We will release in a few smaller markets initially,” Microsoft said in a statement, “and once we’re performing well in those markets,
add more and more countries every few days/weeks until eventually we’re worldwide by this holiday.”

Minecraft earth is similar to Pokémon Go allowing users to step-out play,build blocks and connect people across the streets,socialize etc.Users will be able to create their own world with the help of augmented reality.The game will utilize “Tappables” found around the map which connects virtual reality with reality. We can use our smartphone to build creations anywhere you like, placing them in parks, streets.Its not a only a solo play we could tag up with our friends and build. Extra and rare resources can also be earned by solving puzzles alone or with others,challenge and defeat enemies or extract resources. The full version will be a free-to-play game, meaning you can download it at no cost.

Games teaser below-

Fans reaction for Minecraft Earth

After the huge success of Pokemon Go as well as Minecraft brand its clear that Minecraft:Earth is going to be extremely popular. Hope we get to see the Minecraft:Earth soon this month. We will keep you posted on any further updates from early access as soon it’s available. For more updates about games click here.

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