Minecraft Guide to Find Desert Pyramids

Minecraft features tons of beautiful and rare structures in the game. This sandbox world is full of amazing elements. Today, we’ll discuss Minecraft’s desert pyramids.

The pyramids in the Minecraft desert are one of the rare but useful and naturally generated structures. These pyramids have a unique characteristic to easily get blend in with their environment, hence, players must be aware of their surroundings and should keep a keen eye. There are many reasons why a player wants to discover desert pyramids in Minecraft. However, due to high recommendations players are encouraged to explore it in the game.

Desert pyramids in Minecraft offer a needed momentum to players if found in mid-game. Furthermore, Players also get an incentive to travel through the barren wastelands and deserts of Minecraft. But, the difficult task for many gamers here is How to find Desert Pyramids in Minecraft? Read Below:

How To Find Desert Pyramid (EASY)

We are going to mention the easiest way to find this semi-rare structure in Minecraft.

The very first thing a player needs to do is to find the normal desert biome. Players can easily find the desert biomes with the help of a boat ride up the coastline or climbing a large mountain peak to explore the lands below. It can save a lot of your time.

Before that, gamers should note not every desert biome will have chances of a desert pyramid. If you are lucky enough to find a desert biome, there are few tricks that can even increase the probability of finding a desert pyramid.

The trick here is to get to the highest point possible in the desert biome, which will allow them to explore as much land as possible. If not this, players can also build 1×1 towers to achieve the same goal.

When at the highest point, players can increase render distance and decrease the point of view, which will make it much easier for them to explore the desert wasteland.

Desert temple finder Website

Another trick here is to utilize their seed to find all of the pyramids in their world. The desert temple finder website allows Minecraft Players to achieve this goal easily.

The player must return to his game after entering the website and type “/ seed” in the chat field. Players will get their seed. Now, type into the desert temple finder website. Then, enter their coordinates in “X” and “Y” sections, this will show the nearest desert temples depending on players’ coordinates.

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