Minecraft Guide: Top 5 Village traders for Emeralds

Emeralds are one of the most difficult items to get in Minecraft. Players usually mine to get them, however, you can trade a lot of it by trading in-game. Minecraft has this amazing feature of converting villagers into traders. It can be used to turn a normal villager into a trader to trade emeralds at the novice level. These villagers can sometimes trade items like emeralds for one single item. Here are the Best village traders for emeralds in Minecraft.

Trade Iron ingots for emeralds

Iron ingots in Minecraft is a useful; as well as the resourceful item. If you have an iron farm, you can trade those extra Iron ingots for emeralds. Players can trade it with a blacksmith and gather a lot of emeralds using ingots.

Trade Wool for emeralds

In Minecraft, you can easily get wool by using shears on sheep or by killing them. Furthermore, creating a wool farm is also a good option. Players can later trade wool with village shepherds earning emeralds for earning emeralds in the game.

Trade Paper for emeralds

Librarians are great traders in Minecraft. Players can easily get emeralds for paper by trading with Librarians. Get paper with the help of sugar cane that grows near the water source. Moreover, librarians in Minecraft also trade enchanted books with rare enchantments like mending.

Trade Wheat for emeralds

Players can trade Wheat for emeralds farmer villagers in the game. For that use job site block to converts normal villagers into farmers, which can be crafted using seven wood slabs of any type. You can easily grow wheat by placing the seeds on farmland blocks.

Trade Sticks for emeralds

Players can exchange sticks for emeralds in Minecraft by turning a villager into a fletcher. it is a great way to obtain emeralds, as sticks are one of the simplest items in the game. Players can create them from any type of board or by cutting down trees. Follow us here more updates.

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