Minecraft: How To use Enchantment Book?

Enchantment in Minecraft allows players to apply the ability to their tools, weapons and armours in-game. There are various types of Minecraft Enchantments, these are very powerful and have a special ability. Enchantment can be used to create a weapon, you also need a bit of luck here. To enchant your tool in Minecraft, you need an enchantment table or anvil. So, what is Enchanted book and How To use Enchantment Book?

With the help of Enchanted books, players do not need an enchanting table to apply the ability to their equipment. These books come with at least one enchantment that players can carry around in inventory.

You can easily find enchanted books in Minecraft, as they are available everywhere. The most possible location for an enchanted book is the stronghold. You should look at places like treasure chests, loot chests and village chests. You may find one, if lucky enough.

Now, let’s have a look at How To use an Enchanted book in Minecraft when you find one.

How To use Enchantment Book

To use an enchanted book in Minecraft, players will need an anvil. Anvil allows players to craft an item by performing certain actions. Applying an enchanted book to equipment is one of it. 

For an anvil, players must have 31 iron ingots or 31 iron ores to craft an item. Now, place the enchanted book and the equipment you want to craft into two slots in the anvil. Combine to successfully apply enchantment to your equipment. Remember to note out the process costs experience levels depending on the type and level of the enchantment.

All tools, weapons and armours have different types of enchantments in-game. While few tools need only a specific type of enchantment in Minecraft.

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