Minecraft: Top 5 Hard to Kill Monsters

Minecraft is an open-world video game that lets you experience an infinite world of possibilities. Explore, create all kinds of objects and structures, travel around, get materials and tools, and build everything from scratch in an infinite world.

The game features some of the most dangerous strong monsters, who are very difficult to defeat. In this article, we’ve mentioned 5 Hard to kill Monsters in Minecraft.

Piglin Brutes

Piglin Brutes is the dangerous hostile Mob in Minecraft. They come in packs and do not mess around. A single swing from their golden axe on any mode can easily wipe you out in two hits. They deal 9.5 hearts per hit and spawn all over the Nether, to protect the chest and loot around the Bastion Remnants.

Iron Golems

Iron Golems are the protectors created by four iron blocks in a T shape. They are the hardest Monsters to kill in Minecraft. Iron Golem can deal damage up to 16 hearts per hit. Basically, they are the guardian who protects villagers and players. They are mostly created by players or spawned in a cage near a pillager outpost.


Ravagers are of the dangerous hostile mob in Minecraft. They are the strongest and can even kill iron golems. Ravagers have a hitpoint of 50 and deal damage of 9per hit. They are equipped with saddles. What makes them dangerous is, they quite faster and more aggressive.

The Wither

The Wither is a floating undead boss mob capable of destruction. They can shoot a large number of unique items like exp points and ingredients that can be use to craft a beacon. They hurl explosive skulls at enemies. Wither kills everything it comes into contact with, and has a health pool of 150 on Java and 300 on Bedrock Edition. 

Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon is the dangerous and strongest flying hostile mob in Minecraft. This elusive creature is the final boos in-game. It can heal itself till you destroy all the end crystals. Ender Dragon has multiple attacks that deal with different levels of damage. Players should destroy all the crystals first to defeat Ender Dragon.

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