Most Underrated Locations in PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile has lot of features and options in game that attracts millions of player. It has four classic many and several game modes to enjoy. Every map has its own importance with lots of drop locations to loot. Every player knows where to land for better loot in every map. But, still there’re few location that is underrated and often missed by players. Today we’ll look at those underrated location in PUBG Mobile.

Underrated Locations in PUBG Mobile

Farm on Erangel

Farm carries a decent amount of loot in Erangel map. This location is mostly missed by PUBG Mobile players. Also. It’s far away from other hot drop locations like School, Rozhok and Pochinki. You can easily find the loot for your squads.

Gatka on Erangel

Located on west side of Erangel, Gatka has abundant amount of loot. Enough for 2 squads we can say. It has many small buildings and players often avoid Gatka. You don’t usually encounter many enemies here because of less building to hide for a cover.

Quarry in Sanhok

Quarry in Sanhok is the underrated location that carries well good amount of loot. The warehouse, houses and the marsh have a great loots here to eqip. PUBG players mostly miss this place in Sanhok and goes for other hot drop location. You can land here if you want good loots and avoid action.

Power Grid on Miramar

Power Grid on Miramar is located among Pecado, San Martin, and Monte Nuevo that are hot-drop locations that’s the main reason why it’s so underrated. But power grid has a good loot and squads have started landing here too. Players can get good supplies and nice weapons to equip.

Port on Vikendi

Port on Vikendi is another underrated location on Map. It’s located at the edge of the map and far away from center hence, ignored by many players. Port on Vikendi have rich and good loots from warehouse, boats to ships. ou can find a lot of supplies and decent weapons in the warehouses.

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