Need More Chicken Dinner? Try These 5 Settings in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has dominated the mobile gaming industry worldwide with an enormous fanbase. Millions of players connect to the game every day, to enjoy the thrill of battle royale. PUBG Mobile offers various features and multiple options that can be customized depending on your device and users need. Tencent’s constant update to deliver better gameplay experience has made PUBG Mobile one of the greatest video game on Android and iOS devices.

For every player who has recently started playing PUBG Mobile, it can be quite difficult to obtain Chicken dinner in-game. To overcome it we’ve mentioned some efficient and essential settings that can work out well in your favour. However, the best or perfect setting won’t bring you the chicken dinner. But, your skills and potential combined with these settings will raise the bar high.  

PUBG Mobile Best Settings

Graphic Settings

Graphics is one of the most essential aspects of PUBG Mobile. Developers suggest applying the recommended settings. However, it doesn’t go well with every user. You can modify your graphic settings and choose the best depending on your device. Go to Settings -> Graphics -> Choose the appropriate option.

Smooth is the most preferred settings for low-end devices. You can use Ultra for better gameplay experience based on your device. And, extreme works perfect on high-end devices.

You can also choose the most suitable Visuals in the game. there are many different options available in-game. Four options are: classic, colourful, soft, and realistic try out each of them before deciding one. 

Control Customization

Control Customization is a very important task that every player should do. It not only makes it easier but also improve your skills in-game. Using Default Controls may limit your reflexes and style.

Try Customizing your controls as you wish to. Go to settings> Controls > Customize, rearrange all the buttons and set the best control for you.

Turn Off Mic-Speakers

If you are a newbie, the sound from mic and speaker can be distracting at the start which indirectly affects your gameplay. It is highly recommended to switch off your Mic-Speaker for a newbie to focus on the game properly until you adapt the whole scenario.

Peek and Fire Setting

Peek and Fire the most useful settings in PUBG Mobile that can save you from critical situation. This option allows you to peek behind the cover by only exposing your head and hiding the whole body. This makes it very difficult for and enemy to shoot you down. Go to settings > Basic, choose Enable right next to Peek & Fire.

Auto Pick-up

Auto Pick-up is another helpful feature in-game that will save you time. Go to settings> Pick up and enable Auto Pick-up. You only need to walk over the items to pick them up.

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