New Machine Gun in PUBG Mobile? MG3 Is Next New Gun

PUBG Mobile’s high anticipated update is almost a few days away. Fans are eagerly waiting in excitement to experience the major PUBG Mobile update. Recently, a leak surfaced on the Internet; about the new PUBG Mobile weapons -the MG3 machine gun. Today, we’ll talk about this new upcoming machine gun in PUBG Mobile.

Upcoming MG3 Machine gun

With major changes and advancements in the next PUBG Mobile update: developers are adding a new weapon – MG3 machine gun. It’s one of the most lethal and destructive weapon, you will know soon why? 

MG3 is a new light machine gun and way more versatile than M249. This new gun will be available in all PUBG Mobile maps. MG3 possesses a destructive feature and will be one of the strongest PUBG Mobile gun with two firing modes, including 660 rounds per minute and 990 rounds per minute. 

It can easily destroy the strongest vehicle in-game BRDM. It has a high firing rate as well as higher recoil that can be controlled with the help of bipod. Bipod helps to reduce the gun recoil when you shoot in the prone pose. MG3 machine gun will be a rare air-drop weapon. This new LMG in PUBG Mobile will definitely steal the show in-game.

MG3 Stats

MG3 is already available in PUBG PC/console version. It holds 7.62mm bullets which have the highest penetration rate. This LMG has two firing modes – 660 rpm and 990 rpm and capacity of 75 bullets per round. MG3 is a deadly weapon with initial bullet speed of 820m/s also makes its damage per second high. It does not have any attachment slot for magazines, stock, and lower rails. MG3 supports up to 6x scope.

MG3 is a destructible weapon with high firing rate and will only be available in airdrops. MG3 will arrive soon in an upcoming pubg mobile update.

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