New PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat System

PUBG Mobile is an enormously popular video game on android and iOS. It has been there for a while now and continues to grow even faster and bigger with millions of player base. PUBG Mobile has become a phenomenon.

The increase in the number of players has also led to an increase in a number of hackers and cheater in-game due to which the players are facing difficulties to have a fair game-play. Developers are constantly updating new Anti-cheat system in PUBG Mobile to provide players with a better gameplay environment.

The popularity of the game has also led to an increment in a number of hackers that uses specific software to alter the game and modify as per their needs. Hacks allow players to fire aimless headshots (bot aim), high jump, speed hack, see and fire through wall & open map view to identify enemy positions which are unfair. With constant anti-cheat system updates, hackers too also keep coming back with a more advance hack that is really hard to detect.

New Anti-Cheat System

A lot of cases have been registered even after the installation of new Anti-cheat system in-game and it keeps increasing significantly. PMCO Fall Split 2020 is delayed due to suspicious activity detected in-game.

PUBG Mobile launched a new anti-cheat system update to deal with hackers. As per reports, new anti-cheat cheats uses the latest technologies like (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to catch hackers and cheaters delivering a fair game-play environment.

New AI detects the cheater violating the end user agreement and  prevent them from matching with other players before they can enter the match. Suspicious players will be put into Safety Observation period to protect the fair game-play and the best gaming experience for all players. Hackers caught cheating will receive a long-time ban.

With new Anti-cheat detection system you do not have to wait long for ban with the help of real-time algorithm and analytical detection ban will be quick based on gameplay observations. Tencent should really come up with something ASAP so that players gameplay won’t get affected because of such cheaters.

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