New Tommy Gun vs UZI – PUBG Mobile

The popularity of PUBG Mobile is unquestionable despite of ban in India. This enormously popular video game that revolves around shooting and killing down enemies. The game has become a phenomenon with millions of fanbase and active players participating every day. Gameplay, Graphics and Weapons in PUBG Mobile are the primary reason, game has so many players.

PUBG Mobile is primarily known for its excellent weapons in-game. From snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles to Pistol these unique sets of guns has attracted over millions of players in-game. Weapons in PUBG Mobile has a significant influence on players, from the shotgun, snipers to Assault rifles. Every player has their own favourite set of weapons. PUBG is all about weapons, and how better you use them. 

Today, we’ll discuss the top two weapons of SMG Class – New Tommy Gun vs UZI. SMGs are among the powerful weapons in PUBG mobile that can save you on various occasions. Close combat to early landing, SMG come handy always.

New Tommy Gun vs UZI

Until now Thompson was among the underrated weapons in PUBG Mobile. As it was often ignored by players because of unavailability of sight scope. However, in latest PUBG Mobile 1.0 update which bough some major changes and additional features in-game, also include sight attachment slot for a red dot or holographic. It makes Thompson a useful weapon which can now be precisely used in combats. 

Thompson received few upgrades in PUBG Mobile 1.0 update. Developers have increased the firing rate of weapon with the addition of an attachment slot for a holo sight and red dot. These new changes have significantly improved the performance of the weapon as compared to the previous one.

Thompson is more powerful and accurate with a slight increase in the rate of fire. It deals enough damage per hit at the head and body. The damage of Tommy is greater than as compared to UZI. In the above stats, Tommy does have an upper hand to UZI.

When it comes to firing speed, Thompson can shoot 13 bullets per second which is lower than UZI. UZI can shoot the whole mag of 25 bullets in 1.5 seconds and an extended mag of 35 bullets in around 2 seconds. UZI is the beast in close combat. UZI has the full-auto firing mode and highest firing rate of all the weapons in PUBG Mobile. So undoubtedly UZI has an advantage of high firing rate.  

 UZI deals massive damage because of the high firing rate. While in terms of power, Thompson outdoes UZI. The capacity of UZI is 25 to 35 with an extended mag while it’s 30 to 50 in Thompson gun. UZI takes less time(1.9s) to reload while Thomson requires 3.2s to reload. The high firing rate of UZI empties the mag quite early and might be a disadvantage for players if they miss the shots. Whereas, Thompson can clear the room with 50 bullets.

Hence, both the weapons have their stronghold and can is powerful in Close combats in their own manner. If you are good with UZI than nothing can beat this weapon. While Thompson does have advantages over UZI. But a perfect weapon doesn’t exist. In the end, it all depends on how precisely you can use weapons in PUBG Mobile.

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