NFS: Heat’s First EA Game to Support Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Electronic Arts latest racing game title Need For Speed: Heat, now has become the first game by EA to support cross-gameplay between all platforms including Windows, PlayStaion and Xbox. The developers announced about it on their last update received Yesterday. According to EA blog, the title from  now will support cross-platform multiplayer. You can Play the games with your friends via PC on Steam or Origin, Playstation or Xbox.

You have to follow some instruction after updating your game to enable cross platform multiplayer. Players can also change it anytime in the game’s privacy settings. This is an excellent update that will allows you to connect and play with your friends across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

EA’s Need for Speed and other few title are now available on Steam from last week. You don’t need the Origin launcher to play EA games from now on. EA also planning to make ‘steam announcements’ in upcoming EA Live Play event on 18th June.

However, the details about the next Need For Speed title in Series is Still a mystery. EA has disclosed no news about it until now. NFS Fans are still expecting something huge and Amazing like NFS MW 2005. EA is yet to serve their best.

Need for Speed: Heat is the twenty-fourth addition released on November 8 2019 for Playstation4, Xbox and Windows PC. The game revolves around the streets of Miami and Florida. Game does not run on 24-hour cycle instead players have an option to switch between day and night matches, players can participate in street matches during day time earning reputations which which determines the aggressiveness of Cops at night.

NFS: Heat features about 127 cars from 33 brands, full dynamic volatile weather system, tons of car customization options to make our own ride before you get it on streets & beat the heat. New cars, aggressive cops and illegal street races adds a spice to game making it more interesting to play.

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