Official Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Party Tournament Announced

Battlegrounds mobile India is officially back in the country. Over millions of players are enjoying the thrill of intense battle on the virtual simulation ground of BGMI. Excited fans in Gamers have already resumed playing the game on their Android devices.

To celebrate the Pubg mobile relaunch in India, Krafton recently announced the official streamers Battle tournament. The announcement took place yesterday on Battleground mobile India’s official YouTube channel.

The main version of the game officially launched on 2nd July 2021, but the fans have been speculating about possible BGMI tournaments since the Beta release. Even Pubg Pro streamer dynamo gaming predicted the Esports aspect of BGMI in his stream. It’s Official Now!!

As promised, Krafton will be arranging many region-specific Esports tournaments in near future. Battlegrounds mobile India launch party is the first official BGMI tournament in the country.

BGMI Streamers Launch Party

Krafton revealed the official trailer on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s YouTube channel announcing Streamers Battle Tournament. The trailer also reveals the name of streamers who will be participating in this first BGMI tournament.

A total of 18 teams will fight against each other in an intense battleground for a price pool of Rs 6,00,000. Streamers battle tournament is a two-day event from 8th July – 9th July 2021. It’s been nine-month, that our PUBGM Pro players will be competing in an official tournament since the pubg mobile ban.

Streamers battle tournament trailer has already ignited excitement among Indian fans and streamers. You can watch the live coverage on the official(YouTube and Facebook) Battlegrounds mobile India channel.

Here is the list of streamers in ‘The Launch Party’ Tournament:

  • 1) Dynamo
  • 2) Team Kronten
  • 3) Mortal
  • 4) Gaming Guru
  • 5) Classified YT
  • 6) Antaryami
  • 7) K18
  • 8) Alpha Clasher
  • 9) Snax
  • 10) Sangwan
  • 11) Godnixon
  • 12) Team Ghatak
  • 13) Ronak
  • 14) Shreeman Legend
  • 15) Maxtern
  • 16) Jonathan
  • 17) Bandookbaaz
  • 18) Clash Universe

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