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Fortnite has gain tremendous amount of popularity in short period of time. Gaining 125 million players in just one year.Developer Epic Games has released the android version of game.After a long time period people are able to play game on android devices. Even thought lot of android phone doesn’t support Fortnite.

Here is the video which has details about in which phone you can download Fortnite.. ClickHere.


Since it is an android version we get not more but some amount of access towards playing game as per our requirement.So playing with a controller is not an inbuilt function provided by epic game developer in android.

People are playing Fortnite for past year on PC,XBOX and PS4 using Controller.Android gives us chance to play using controller.So to do that you need to download the app called OCTOPUS – 64bit. This app is actually design for fortnite and all 64bit games. 

To know more how to use it watch the video. 








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