Players Troll FAU-G after return news of PUBG Mobile India

“FAU-G” Fearless and United Guards is a new upcoming shooting battle royale game like PUBG Mobile. The game is said to be focused on the military aspects of India, educate players about the sacrifices of our soldiers and contribution of Indian Army to the country.

A few days after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar unveiled the new Indian Battle Royale Game ‘Fau-G’ (published by Bengaluru-based nCore games). FAU-G looks very much similar to PUBG Mobile, and the sudden announcement after the news of PUBG Mobile’s ban in the country has caught the attention of many.

After the long wait of two months, PUBG mobile marked its comeback in India soon, confirmed by PUBG Corp. With the news of PUBG mobile India return, fans didn’t miss on the opportunity to create humour.

PUBG Mobile Indian players have been constantly trolling FAU-G, since the announcement of the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India. Even though FAU-G creators, nCORE Games, have already mentioned looking to compete with battle royale multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile.

The gaming community is sharing extreme memes on social media about FAU-G and PUBG mobile India return. Check it below.

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