PlayStation5 Could be another Next-gen Big update.

PS5 coming to Stores soon..!

Sony is planning to launch its next-gen console PS5 soon replacing PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro users. News has been confirmed that PS5 will be coming to stores in holiday 2020 probably around Christmas.

We didn’t have much official details about its release and name from Sony.Though we have some unfolded details about its structure and hardware. PlayStation5 kits leak pic hauling over the internet displays an unique looking Console. The end product design may differ from it.

Sony’s new Ps5 console may be different(structure wise)f from its old gen playstations console.Besides Sony,Microsoft is also planning to hit stores with Xbox Project Scarlett at the end of 2020.Next year we may get some major updates for gaming With competing consoles PS5 & XBox scarlett. Sony claimed that the PS5 will be the “world’s fastest console”.Console wars entered a whole new era 2020 with this major update news

Developers are in development of exclusive games for PS5. Playstation5 will have incredible powerful hardware with x86 processor based on Radeon Navi graphics. According to leaks CPU will be 8core/16core threads & AMD’s Next gen GPU features 12.6tf to 14.2tf ,fully backwards compatible with PS4 and PSVR hardware.Its reported that Playstation5 will support 8k revolution for more detailed textures.The new controller has a new feature which can simulate all sorts of in-game sensations & might be slightly heavier than Ps4 controller.

Playstation5’s improved GPU will support real-time ray tracing creating incredible realistic lighiting effects. Mark Cerny told  “There is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” Cerny explained. “Which I believe is the statement that people were looking for.”

Playstation5 is going to have SSD(solid state drive) that eliminates the need to duplicte same in-game assests hundreds of time also reducing a loading screen time from 15 seconds(PS4)to 0.8 seconds based on test.

Sony announced that PS5 will roll out “In Holiday” between October and December 2020.

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