PMCO 2019 South Asia Day 2 Team Soul Back on TOP #2

PMCO Fall Split 2019 South Asia Day 2 match has ended now with ENTITY GAMING Secured the top position from.Team Soul being on 9th rank after the Day 1 finals is back on top #2 proving themselves why they are one of best teams of PUBG Mobile India.

Day 2 finalls was intese and rough as always with lots of amazing game play, clutches and squad wipe.Excitement among the audiences still is the same and they all are looking forward to championship cheering up their respective team.

Entity gaming on #1 followed by TEAM SOUL

However Soul finish Day 2 finals with zero chicken dinner with 63 kills and 147 points on scored board. ETG tops the chart by 2 chicken dinner,71 kills and 170 points.Team soul prove themselves one of finest team out there in PUBG Mobile India.

PMCO finals will be having in all 16 Teams.Top 16 teams will be selected for final who will compete for prize money of $60,000 followed by $30,000 on 2nd Place.

List of Winners highlights

Match 1- (Erangel TPP) Winner Of The Match:  Elementrix 

Match 2- (Sanhok TPP) Winner Of The Match:  SynerGE

Match 3- (Miramar TPP) Winner Of The Match:  Mayhem

Match 4-( Erangel TPP) Winner Of The Match:  Godlike

Match 5 – ( Vikendi TPP) Winner Of The Match:   IND

Match 6 – (Erangel TPP) Winner Of The Match: Team SouL

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