PMCO 2020 First day of Regional Finals Results

PUBG Mobile PMCO 2020 Regional finals were to be held this weekend. First day has ended with a lot of thrills and excitement in Battleground best teams competing for World Tournament. Results of first day Indian finals are out now.

Team ‘ORANGE’ is really doing well with their consistent performance in tournament secures a second position with 53 points and x1 chicken dinner. Team which sits on top is ‘TeamTamilas’ with 67 points, x1 chicken dinner and 48 kills. They played really well. But its only the results after 6 matches. We’ll get our finalist soon.

Six matches are remaining now, and Winners are yet to be declared.

Team Fnatic disappointed their fans standing on #9 position. They have to cope up in their next 6 matches to make it to finals. As only Top 9 teams will be selected for PUBG Mobile Pro League championship.

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MegaStars and GODLIKE performed decently still have to play better in their next matches, it will really be difficult as every team is doing their best to make it on top.

You can check the match below-First day of regional finals :

Stay Tuned we will keep you updated on it.

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