PMCO 2020 India Finals Overall Standings

PUBG mobile PMCO 2020 finals ended with Top 9 Indian Teams making it for PUBG Mobile Pro League. Regional Finals ended with an intense battle between best PUBM Indian Teams.

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Godlike dominated the scoreboard by sitting on top with 187 points, x2 Chicken Dinner and 79 kills. Second Place reserved by ORANGE ROCK who performed consistently throughout the tournament making it to Pro League by 182 points and 63 kills with highest x3 chicken dinner.

OrangeRock followed by MegaStarss and TeamTamilas on #3 & #4 also Played well grossed 170 & 168 points respectively.

Peoples Favorite Fnatic also made it to Top 9 standing on #6 though they performed dull in the First day of regional finals, all thanks to Scout and other team members who did their best making it to top 9.

Other PUBGM Indian teams – Soul, Entity Gaming, SynerGE, INS/Brawler, IND, and 6 other teams from the PMCO South Asia will join the PMPL South Asia Tournament which will begin soon in few weeks.

A very big congratulations to all teams qualifying for Pro League.

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