PMCO Fall Split 2020 Full Schedule And Prize Pool

PUBG Mobile Club Open is one of major PUBGM Esports tournament. Millions of PUBG gamer dream about it. Registration for PMCO Fall Split has already started from yesterday, revealing all the details about tournament on official PUBG Mobile website. PUBG Mobile team can register for tournaments and is open for all. Registration date ends on 12th July.

 You have to visit the official website and register your details such as Team Name, Register Region, Team Logo as well as the information of each member in the team including Name, Email, Character ID, Nationality, Discord ID. Once done submit the registration form. Note- You cannot change your details once you have submitted it.

Check the Requirements Below:

  • Player must be 16 years old or older.
  • Team must have at least 3 players from the same region.
  • All players’ rank must be Platinum or above at the time of registration.
  • Players can only play the tournament using mobile devices only. The use of tablets, PCs, mouse, and keyboards are forbidden.

PMCO Fall Split 2020 Full Schedule

The schedule is out now and it’s no different from PMCO Spring Split.

Stage 1 – Registration (June 24 to July 12): All temas register for the tournament at this stage.

Stage 2 – Qualification (July 17 to July 27): Registered teams will play online matches between 8 and 32 games. Their best 8 games with the top 2 games from each map will be used to calculate their standings.

Stage 3 – Regional Group Stage (August): A total of 32 teams from Stage 2 will compete for top best 24 teams.

Stage 4 – Regional Semi Finals (August): 24 teams from Stage 3 will compete to for  best 16 teams.

Stage 5 – Regional Finals (September): Top 16 teams from Stage 4 will compete to go to the PMWL (PMCO India teams will go to the PMPL South Asia first).

Stage 6 – PMWL (TBA): Teams will be fighting to be qualified for the PUBG Mobile World Championship.

Prize Pool

The Prize Pool of PMCO Fall Split 2020 is $1,000,000. Teams will compete on all 4 classic maps of PUBG Mobile including Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok in the third-person perspective mode.

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